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The US Department of Agriculture (USDA, 2019) estimates that Brazil will be the world’s largest supplier of soybeans and the second largest supplier of corn by 2028-29. As far as meat is concerned, the Country will be the largest exporter of beef and poultry, and will be the fourth largest exporter of pork. Brazil was a food importer until the late 1990s, and now is responsible for feeding 1.2 billion people worldwide and ensures food security of its domestic market and that of 162 trading partners.

Brazilian agribusiness products with the highest growth potential are likely to be pork, soybeans, cotton lint, pulp, corn, chicken, milk, and sugar. For fruits, the highlights are mango, grape and apple. The domestic market and international demand will be the primary growth drivers over the next ten years.

Currently, national production stands at 1 billion tons/year, including grains, fruits, sugar cane and other farming products. For grains alone, the 2019 harvest is estimated at 242.1 million tons.

In the meat segment in 2018, chicken production reached 13 million tons, of which about 30% went to exports. With regard to pork, production amounts to 4 million tons, of which 16% goes to the foreign market.

Organic food production and exportation is also being encouraged by the Brazilian government. In 2018, turnover in this sector reached R$4 billion, which is about US$ 1 billion.

Forecasts indicate that growth in agricultural production in Brazil should continue driven by yields. And this expansion requires investments in infrastructure, research and financing.

*With information from this Website: http://www.agricultura.gov.br/noticias/brasil-e-grande-potencia-na-agricultura-e-no-meio-ambiente-afirma-ministra


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